Biozone is a highly professional marketing company strongly associated with research based scientific oriented manufacturing companies who has intention to provide optimum solution to the Livestock Industry and Livestock farmers through performance oriented innovative products.

We focus power of science which can support commercial feed Manufacturers, Feed Additives Manufacturers, Livestock and aquaculture farmers to attain maximum benefits by getting sustainable and profitable solution with unique concepts.

We start from the customer’s need and end up with customer’s satisfaction. Our key competitive strength is, understanding the customer’s need and providing solution through our well established scientific research based manufacturing companies in the industry throughout the world with whom we are well associated. We also provide unique solution to the customers through customised products for optimum result in economic way. Yes! It is possible because we need not spend money in marketing, promotional, advertising like various shows, Seminars, Luxury Dinner parties, etc.. Obviously our cost will be only operational cost no other additional expenses which increases the price of the products to fivefold as presently customers experiencing with many companies.

Our Commitment

We associate only with the companies as channel partners who assures commitment in quality and proven performance, highest standard of product safety, Advanced manufacturing techniques, Business ethics, secure consistent quality, Scientific research facilities, Consistent customer service and ultimate guaranteed products performance with expected result with NO COMPROMISE.

Livestock Feed Raw materials

We have strong team who can source Livestock Feed Raw materials, All ingredients for Animal Feed Additives from anywhere in the world. We take care of many parameters while sourcing.

Livestock farmers

We are proud to share that within a short period of our establishment, we have already associated with seven research based manufacturing companies from various countries who launched specialised products based on the challenges the farmers faces presently.