Whitegut coutroller & Growth Promoter


  • Prevents White Faeces Syndrome (WFS)
  • Prevents White Gut Disease (WGD)
  • Prevents White Muscle Disease(WMD)
  • Controls vibrio loads
  • Stimulates groeth and feed Conversion
  • Improves immunity and Survival rate
  • Cleanses Pond bottom


  • A Proprietory blend of High Potential
  • Bacillus subtilis spp, and Lactobacillus app, (Active & inactive forms)
  • Phytobiotics and immune enhancers


  • 10g/kg feed in 4meals for 5days. Apply with C-gel and dry in shade for 1hour before feeding. Do not mix with other medicines or feed Supplements. Don’t apply other medications in water during Enshield treatment. Use Strictly under supervision of evince technical advisor